Wyze Bulb Color Vs Philips Hue - Wyze Bulb Color Review!

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In this video, I review the Wyze Bulb Color. I also compare the Wyze Bulb Color to the Philips Hue Color Bulb. See who comes out the winner! Enjoy!

Would you like a Wyze Bulb Color for your home? Buy one at this link! ~ https://wyze.com/wyze-bulb-color.html?affiliate_code=g7IHifO9Ny&referring_service=link

Do you wanna see how to setup the Wyze Bulb Color? Check out my Wyze Bulb Color Setup video at this link. ~ https://youtu.be/e2EkHtJCihI

Do you wanna see the Unboxing of the Wyze Bulb Color? Check out my Unboxing video at this link. ~ https://youtu.be/KZuW0qNmMCM

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